White Water – Charlies Shangri-La

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Upper reaches of Cattle Creek comes out of the mountains into a beautiful valley and we call this run, Charlies Shangri-La. This trip was mid Febuary

Discussing the new helmet

Discussing the New Helmet

this year 2011. To find this trips location you really need a little local knowledge. It is almost a hours drive west of Mackay, Queensland on the Eungella Road. Just before the last Cattle Creek crossing you have to turn right onto Sinninies Road and follow that through the cane paddocks to the end.

It was a great sunny day and the creek was running crystal clear. We had an unbelievable wet season this year from November 2010 through till May 2011 and we had great running water the whole time. In fact somedays we had trouble finding somewhere to go that was within our ability. The focus of this post was run down the creek on the 12th Febuary 2011.  That is something a little unusual to have the sun shining for that part of the year. For a white water kayaker there is nothing better than to see that rain coming down. This wet season there was only two groups smiling white water kayakers and ducks.

Picture right Darryl is showing off a new full face helmet after a couple weeks previously putting a nasty gash in his forehead while he was checking the bottom of a rapid on this very trip. He said after spending a couple thousand dollars on his mouth in dentistry he wasn’t taking anymore chances.

Not too far down stream was our first obsticle. A tree had been washed out in the recent floods and was drapped across the Creek. A couple of us paddled underneath the trunk by laying flat down on the deck of the boats while the rest portaged around.

This could bring the unwary paddler undone

To swim or walk that is the question

Paddle or Walk

Walking can be a better option










There are a couple descent grade 2 rapids on this trip. They are not long rapids so if you do go for a swim it is fairly easy to recover the boat before the next rapid especially on days like this one.

These particular trip may only take an hour to do, if you paddled straight through, but with our style of paddling we could take 2-3 hours to do the same trip. This is because we take turns at playing in every wave, stopper and eddy we come across. This makes for great friendships and fun as we try out new moves on each other.

Darryl in Knackers Luck

This is Darryl again negotiating a rapid we call Knackers Luck. A great day was had by all.

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Eric September 3, 2011 at 4:35 pm

looking forward to the wet season. really good you putting all this together Rodney.

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