Not a Grade 5 Rapid

by Rod

in White Water Paddling

Australia Day Paddle

No this was not a Grade 5 white water kayak paddle with 40 foot waterfalls, far from it. Our paddle on Australia Day was more like a Grade 2 paddle. It can still get our adrenaline running as we do breakouts and cross through stoppers. The following days, the Pioneer River rose another 18inches which made a lot of the rapids more interesting.

On Australia Day Steve, Eric, Mick and myself had a ball. We paddle a section of the Pioneer River from Marian to Marian Falls. There is no falls there now because the falls were swallowed up in the backup water of Dumbleton Weir. Marian is a half hour drive west of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. At this height, when we made a mistake or leaned the wrong way the water is very forgiving. It was great for the start of the season and it really improved our skills for the following weekend.

The rapids were very shallow and it surprised us when Steve was able to snag a tailstand. I was lucky enough to catch it on video. We then did some breakouts and breakins on the way through the Dingles. We also had a great play on the wave on the bottom of the last rapid. I hope you enjoy the little You Tube video below.

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