Creeking Near Mackay, Queensland

by Rod

in White Water Paddling

Last weekend the Pioneer River and Cattle Creek

Good pratice for breakouts

Good practice for breakouts

were in flood, so we decided to try one of the smaller Creeks West of Mackay Queensland. This is a great style of White Water kayaking where the idea is to find low volume steep creeks to paddle. Our definition of creeking is on the low end of the scale of what is possible with the modern design of Creek Boats. Creek Kayaks are generally a high volume kayak around the 8-9 ft in length. a flattish hull and round edge. The definition I found of creeking suggests it is best thought of as a subcategory of river running, involving very technical and difficult rapids, typically in the Grade/Class IV to VI range. Creeking generally involves higher gradient (approaching or in excess of 100 ft per mi (19 m per km)), and is likely to include running ledges, slides, and waterfalls on relatively small and tight rivers.

Our creek is in a beautiful rain forest at the foot of the Clarke Ranges. We actually only run about 3 kms of the creek and then load the kayaks back on the car and do it again. We did this run twice on Saturday and then twice again on Sunday. It was a great weekend, thanks to the company of Steve, Darryl, Eric and Dan. Thanks to Steve for some great photos on the Sunday.


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