Kinchant Dam

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Kinchant Dam

Kinchant Dam

View of Kinchant Dam and Wall

Kinchant Dam’s contruction was finished in 1977. It was built for a water supply for irrigation for the cane farms and town water. The dam holds 62800ML and has a surface area of 920hectares when it is full. Although it is built on Sandy Creek most of the water is pump from the Mirani Weir on the Pioneer River.

The dam is very popular for water skiers so you might have to be careful on the weekends in summer if you go for a paddle there. It is not a very big dam so you can probably paddle around it in about an hour, but it is still a beautiful part of the Pioneer Valley. It is a very good place to go and practice your paddling skills or take the family for a paddle in the kayak or canoe.


The submerged gullies, dead trees around the banks and weed beds have proven a great breeding ground for fish and Red Claw. So if you are camping over night take some pots and you may catch a feed of Red Claw. As well as the Barra which have been stocked in the dam by the Mackay Fish Stocking Group there are also other varieties such as Sooty Grunter, Spangled Perch, Sleepy Cod, and Catfish. Kinchant Dam is a Fresh Water Impoundment so if you do intend to do any fishing visit the Primary Industries and Fisheries Deptment and buy a permit. For more information on the Stock Impoundment Permits read here.



Sunset over Kinchant Dam

The Kinchant Dam Resort is easy to find on the bank of the Dam and they have camp sites and units available. They also have a bar and cafe for supplies. There are also picnic tables and Bar-b-ques in the park over looking the dam. To find Kinchant Dam follow the Eungella Road out to Marian and then turn left at the corner store and follow the signs through North Eton to Kinchant Dam about 30 km from Mackay.


GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude:  21deg 13′ 19.22″ south

Longtitude:  148deg 53′ 31.46″

Kinchant Dam

Satilite View of Kinchant Dam


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