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Temburra Dam History

The dam’s completion was in 1997 and at full capacity holds 147,600ML. It is about 60kms west of Mackay, Queensland. Some observers said when the dam was completed it would take 10 years to fill because it has such a small catchment area. The dam was spilling over the spillway by the end of the first wet season. The reason the dam was built was to supply water to the agriculture industry and supplement the town’s water supply along the Pioneer River including Mackay. The Damming of Teemburra required three dams, the main dam on Teemburra Creek and two saddle dams. The main dam regulates water flow into Teemburra Creek and Saddle Dam No. 2 supplies water through a pipeline into Palm Creek some 180 meters below the supply. Palm Creek flows into Cattle Creek at the Garget Bridge.

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Some Facts

Teemburra Dam’s elevation is 290m. It is built on the edge of a range and the view of the surrounding valley is quite spectacular. The surface area of the reservoir when full is 1270Ha. and the catchment area is 66 sq km.The overall height of the main dam wall is 57m.

Main Wall

From the bottom of Teemburra Dam


Follow the Eungella Road until you reach Pinnacle and turn left at the first bend and over the rail line turn right into Teemburra Dam Road. Past the Primary School and through the cane paddocks(All bitumen road), then up the range and then turn left. To the right you will see the dam and the car park and boat ramp. This is the best place to launch the kayaks or canoes. Just a little further along the road is a camping ground, but it is very basic. The boat ramp is very popular on the weekends for the boat fishermen so try to keep it clear.

Paddling on Teemburra Dam

Paddling amounst the tree

It is a fantastic place to paddle touring kayaks, canoes or sit on top kayaks and even camp overnight. The are plenty of bays, nooks and crannies to explore as you paddle around the banks of the reservoir. There are actually three creeks which flow into the dam and each one offers some intrigue as you follow them up to where they flow in.

One of my favourite places to paddle, is to follow Middle Creek up to where it flows in. There is a causeway that crosses the creek. It is a very pleasant place to take a breather in the shade of the trees and listen to the stream as it flows over the rocks and into the water of the dam.

The large open area close to the dam walls has been cleared of trees but as you venture across the dam there is the added feature of negotiating through the white ghosts of dead trees. Amongst the trees is where the monster Barra and Sooty Gunter lurk hidding from the ambitious angler. Teemburra Dam is another Fish Stocking Impoundment area which is stocked with Barra. I have written previous posts about the Fish Stocking here.

There is something for everyone on Teemburra Dam.

Middle Creek

Middle Creek, Teemburra Dam

From an easy paddle and swim around the boat ramp to the more adventurous exploring all the creeks and for the fisherman after that big barra. I hope you enjoy Teemburra Dam as much as I do.





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