Harmony Bilge Pump

by Rod

Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump

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Hamony High Volume Bilge PumpDescription

One of those safety item every sea kayaker needs to carry in case. Just in case you come out of your kayak and you need to empty your cockpit so that you can make it back to shore. One of those items that you may never have to use, but if you need it, you be glad you brought it with you. The Harmony high volume pump is shorter than most kayak bilge pumps only 16″ long. This more compact length means a shorter stroke and this means less fatigue while using it and still giving you 30% more volume of water per stroke. Being shorter also makes it easier to store. The low profile outlet port won’t snag on other equipment and yet throws water well clear of the kayak. The full length foam sleeve provides horizontal top of the water flotation and also easy to grip. The synthetic barrel and shaft means no corrosion. Some times it is handy to have when your kayak has too much water to lift and you need to get that water out quickly.

The Harmony high volume bilge pump – that item you will be glad you have in your kit.

Price: $ 45.00

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