Sea Kayak paddle – Shoal Pt. & Green Island

by Rod

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Looking out to Sea

A calm Day

A glorious day on the ocean. Time to take our sea kayaks for a paddle from Shoal Pt turning south down to a couple small reefs off Bucasia Beach. Then back around to One Tree Island and onto Green Island where we had a smoko break. Then across the now submerged causeway and back to our starting point at Shoal Pt. Shoal Pt is a suburb of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

The water was almost glassed out with only small waves that we could not catch. The water had quite good visibility, which is usually not good when we have the full moon. We surprised a couple of sea turtles as we paddled past and Derek got a bit of a shock when a sea snake surfaced right beside the cockpit of his kayak as he was about to take another stroke. Not sure who was shocked the most.

We welcomed Anthony as this was the first time he had paddled with us although he has paddled with Mark before. We took refuge from the hot sun in the shade of some trees  on a stony Beach on Green Island. There we watched as a small shark chased lunch amongst the mangrove which was growing along the beach. That brought out some shark stories, a good subject while you are sea kayaking.

We decided it was not a good day to practice rolling or rescues because it was so still. It was perfect weather for stingers. None of us were keen to roll over and end up in a box jellyfish so we thought we will leave that for another day.

Another great day on the water, thanks Derek, Pam, Eric & Anthony.

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Pam Faulkner January 12, 2012 at 7:26 am

That person in the yellow kayak can paddle really fast.
Did you use trick photography or what?

Rod January 12, 2012 at 6:36 pm

No trick photography, maybe it’s the kayak that is fast.

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