Illawong Beach, Mackay

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Illawong Beach – Bakers Creek and Back

The Tide was checked, the time was set

Illawong Beach Paddle

to met at Illawong Beach, Mackay, Queensland, at 6:30am Sunday Morning. Isn’t that a bit early for a Sunday Morning Eric. “You got go with the tides,” was the reply. Pam took one look at the beach and the waves coming in and decided it was time to go home for a cup of coffee. That was quickly dismissed. It was not that bad.


Derek need a bit of a hand to get into his new sea kayak (Outersea). It is quite narrow and tippy and it has a keyhole cockpit which means he could not sit in the seat with his legs out over the side and then just slide them in. He had to slide his feet in first as he sat down into the seat. Then we were off. We paddled out far enough so that it was a little deep and then turn to head parallel to the beach just gradually heading out to avoid the numerous sandbars. The whole Town Beach and Far Beach area is very shallow and at low tide the water goes out for kilometers as any of the locals would know. So we only had a couple hours to have a paddle and return or we would be walking back.

Once we arrived at the mouth of Bakers Creek we pulled up on a sandbar a couple hundred meters off the beach. There we had a drink and stretched our legs. Derek entertained us by showing us how not to get into your boat. After about 20 minutes we were back in our kayaks for the return paddle. We had the wind across our kayaks in both directions although it was slightly behind us on the way back. There was not enough wave to even surf into the beach. We were back on the beach about 9:30am. I enjoyed being out in the fresh air on a beautiful morning.

Illawong Beach


Paddle Details:

High Tide : 8:15am 4.8m

Wind: SE 5-10km/h

Round Trip: 9kms.

Paddlers : Pam Faulkner, Eric Minger, David Richards & Derek Martin.

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