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Mackay Anglers New Fishing Boat

For all Mackay anglers looking for that boat but can not afford to buy a regular dingy. Maybe you don’t have the room to store a boat and trailor or don’t want to pay the registration and all the other costs that go with owning a regular fishing boat. Maybe you want to get into those small estuaries or into those quite gullies on the dam chasing the sooty grunter or bara. Kayaksnthings has the answer for you. The Nifty Boat. The inflatable boat which you can carry in the boot of a sedan, carry down to the waters edge. Inflate your boat in about 10 minutes and be on your way to your favorite fishing spot.

For more information follow the link to the Nifty Boat Page on this site or give me a call on 0408776405

The You Tube video below is a interview at the AFTA 2015 between Jeremy Hall and Will Lea for the Fishing Monthly Magazine.

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