Natureline 460 Touring Canoe

by Rod

Natureline Dreamweaver 460 touring Canoe is a 4.6 meter can be used for camping, fishing or touring in the flat water of rivers, dams lakes or salt water estuaries. A stable flat bottom canoe with an excellent combination of manoeuvrability and straight tracking. Ideal canoe for commercial or hire fleets, schools or scouts. The canoe comes standard with two seats and plenty of room in the middle for camping or fishing gear or a couple kids.

Dreamweaver 460 Features

  • Length – 4.6 Meters
  • Width – 86 cms
  • Weight – 28 – 29kgs
  • Carry capacity – 280 kgs
  • Two thwarts for strength and ease to carry
  • Easy hold aluminium handle at each end
  • Sealed buoyancy bulkheads in each end
  • Comfortable aluminium and PVC seats
  • Strong PVC gunwales
  • Great flat water touring canoe.

Optional extras:

Motor Bracket

Sail Kit

Outrigger Kit                                                                                                                                                                                                                Colour Options:
Exterior: White, Yellow, Beige, Light Olive, Light Blue
Interior: Beige, Light Olive, Light Grey, Light Blue

Natureline Dreamweaver 460 in Mackay.  Price:  $ 1749.00