583 Series Mirage

by Rod

Mirage 583 – set your own line, create your own adventure.
The Mirage 583 series of open deck sea kayaks combine agility and speed, producing a whole new class of paddling: Freeride Sea Kayaking.
This series is available in three models: the FreeRide, the Adventure, and the Custom Fish.
Created to offer freedom and versatility, 583s provide the paddler with stability in a broad range of settings and conditions, including surf, harbours/estuaries, and offshore.
With a long waterline and effective tracking, 583s are fast. They can also manage swell and broken waves easily. The drawn-out rocker allows 583s to pivot and manoeuvre effortlessly, making them high-performance surf craft as well.
They are easily steered by pressing the foot pedals. When edging, they are also quite forgiving allowing you to tilt your hips one way or the other to tighten your turn without feeling like you’re going to overdo it and capsize.
583s are also fun to surf in a following sea as you can rock the kayak from edge to edge comfortably.
If you do happen to get caught off guard in swell or surf, this series makes for easy recovery after a capsize. The peace of mind allowed by the open deck design means that you can push your limits and paddle confidently in areas where you may never have paddled before.
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