Mega Surf Kayaks

by Rod

Mega Surf Kayak History

Back in 1991 Malcolm Pearcey set about designing a new surf kayak in a garage at the bottom of his garden in Cornwall. It was purely because the type of boat he wanted to surf simply wasn’t available and he figured he could make something more akin to what he wanted . Malcolm was a airo-space engineer and after several months beavering away the first one came out of the mould, Red and Yellow it was given the name “Jester”. Little did he know that event was going to set the direction of his life for the next 25 years. After some time and his part time business was starting to take off with more and more paddlers wanting his surf kayak. A decision was made for him when the airo-space business he was working for closed down and he decided to try to go full time with his new surf kayak business. Malcolm’s nick name from an early age had been Mega and from that the Mega Surf kayak was born.

Since then Malcolm’s “Jester” and the “Mega Performance Kayaks” has grown into the World’s Premier manufacturer and designers of surf kayaks and had manufactured around 10,000 kayaks over those years.

In the spring 2014 and at the aged 59 Malcolm thought it was a good idea to have more time with family and time to retire. The right opportunity came up early summer and in mid September he shipped out the last kayak from Bude and production moved to the secure hands of Pete Holgate and Aaron Breedon in Hampshire.

For the Past 10 Years Jarvis Bay Kayaks has manufactured Mega Surf Kayaks under license here in Australia and they are proud to produce these beautiful craft to avid Kayak Surfers both here and in New Zealand. Ross Boardman is hands on producing a great Australian Product. Yes they have been designed by Mega in England, but all the Mega Surf kayak designed kayaks are built in Huskisson, Jarvis Bay NSW.

The Mega Surf Kayak range including the Mega Surf On Top – Hybrid Surf Kayak, has 10 different models in their range. These include the Mega “Boost” Surf Kayak, Mega “Edge” Surf Kayak, Mega “Neutron RV” Surf Kayak, Mega ” Proton ” Surf Kayak, Mega ” Scarab ” Surf Kayak, Mega “Bullitt S” Surf Kayak, Mega “MAX” Surf Kayak, Mega “Megatron” Surf Kayak. All these different models are made for different types of wave, surfing condition, length and width , and paddler weight range so you can find the surf kayak to suite you and the type of waves you are chasing. All the Mega Surf Kayaks include Mega Tri Fin thruster Adjustable Fin Boxes, Custom Gel Coat Finishes with custom deck, coaming, seat, and Mega Composite Thigh Braces, Triple Laminated Foam Center Pillar fore and aft, End Rope Safety Toggles, Mega Foam Seat and Adjustable Backrest, Foam Foot blocks and interlocking pillar.

Ross builds the Mega Surf kayaks in two different composite lay ups, Std Construction – Polyester Resin System, Carbon Kevlar Hull , GRP Deck, Custom deck colour ( 2 colours ) / Hull white, or the SLITE Carbon Kevlar Construction – Full Carbon Kevlar construction hull and deck, Custom deck colour ( 2 colours ) / Hull white. Because these kayaks are made to order you can pick what construction and colours you want. Ross is not keen on strips, but he has design quite a unique brush stroke finish on the kayaks where no two kayaks will ever be the same. Generally it is recommended to have a white hull to hide any scratches and to pick any two colours you desire for the deck. The Mega Surf Kayaks are well made and finished to a very high level. Come into Kayaksnthings and check out my Mega Proton demo for yourself and if you like we can take it down the North Wall for a surf.