Koastal Kayaks

by Rod

Koastal Kayaks is an All Australian made product made here locally in Bundaberg,  Queensland, Australia. It is a family run business where David builds and fits out the kayaks and then with his wife they sell the products and manage their business form the shop front in the front of their factory. They have a huge range of kayaks including the following: Jackhammer, Crusader, Pacer, Sundance, Scamp, Aqua Double, Crusader 2, Crusader Max 2×1, Crusader Fisherman, Native Watercraft Pedal Kayaks and Enduro Surf Ski.


The Jackhammer comes with a paddle, achore and 10 meters of rope, a swival rod holder and paddle leash. Already fitted to the kayak is 3 hatches with 2 hatch bags or nets and 1 Bait bucket(fits inside the hatch)2 x flush mount rod holders and Bungee webbing to stow gear on the rear deck. This is a great package ready for you to hit the water. I have also included a PFD to give you a complete package ready to go to hit the water. This kayak is compact enough to through in the back of the ute or wagon to eliminate the need to buy roof racks. Call into the shop and check it out. If you did want it in particular colour we can arrange to order it for you.

Jackhammer kayakJackhammer Fishing Kayak

Complete kayak and Fishing kit for only $ 749.00


At just 18.5kgs it is perfect for your first kayak, easy for loading and to carry to and from the water. With a total length of 2.75 meters it will fit in the back of a ute or even a van. This safe sit on top has a capacity of 130kgs capable of holding adults. Imagine how much fun kids could have just swimming and climbing all over this very stable kayak at their favourite swimming hole. It has all  round grab ropes so making it easy to hold onto. Being all Australian made with the best UV stabilized powder available the solid quality of the scamp will last for years.


Scamp Dimensions

  • Weight – 18.5kgs
  • Width – 78cms
  • Length – 275cms
  • Height – 38cms
  • Capacity – 120kgs
  • Price – $ 390.00
  • With a paddle.