World Surf Kayak Championships

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World Kayak Surfing Competition

World Kayak Surfing Competition

The World Surf Kayak Championships are currently being held in North Carolina. I enjoy bringing in different aspects of the kayaking world. Many of the freestyle and white water paddlers participate in the kayak surfing competitions as well. This years event is sponsored by Jackson Kayaks.

There is a hurricane off the coast which they are hoping will bring in bigger waves as the competition heats up later on in the week. They have teams of 16 paddlers who all compete in different slots for their team. They have juniors all the way to masters. The teams surf two full rounds and then the top three teams go onto the final team event. In addition, they also compete as individuals for the world championship title!


Kayak surfing is a great way to hone your white water skills, particularly if there is no white water around. You would notice the kayaks used in the World Champion competition is a pacific designed surf kayak, but most white water kayaks will do a reasonable job. The sharper the edge along the side of the hull the better the kayak will cut along the wave. If your boat has a rounded edge like a Dagger RPM or a Creek kayak it will just slide down the wave rather than cutting along it. I will have to cover surf kayak techniques in more detail in further posts.

I have found a website dedicated to kayak surfing and it has a forum on it for more information Click Here

Event Dates: Sept 29th – Oct 9th 2011

Host City: Nags Head, North Carolina

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