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Mega Surf Kayaks are here in Mackay

Kayaksnthings is now a Mega Surf Kayak retailer. If you would like to find out more about the history of Mega check out the Mega Page Here. Mega Surf Kayaks are custom made so there is some consultation to find which surf kayak will suite the type of wave and surfing you want to do and your weight range. Mega surf kayaks are not for the out and out learner. I would recommend learning to surf on a white water kayak or surf ski and learning other skills like learning to roll. Once you have these skills you will be in a much better position to be able to handle a Mega Surf Kayak.

Surf Kayaks have come into their own over the last couple decades and are pacifically designed for riding the wave much like a surf board in the surf breaks of beaches and off points. Where a sea kayak is much longer and are more commonly used for longer day tours along the coast and even multi day trips, the surf kayak only has room for the paddler. The modern surf kayak is much short in length usually from 7 – 9 foot or 2.2 – 3 meters. They have a very flat planning hull almost the entire length of the kayak and a very well defined edge or rail almost the entire length as well. The very flat hull makes it easy for the surf kayak to get onto the plane and makes them very fast on the wave. The long rail give the surf kayak a great carving ability on the wave much the same as a surf board.  The modern Surf kayaks are broken up into 2 groups for competition, the longer surf kayaks without fins and the short surf kayaks which can have up to 4 fins attached to their hull.

The Mega Surf Kayaks are made here in Australia in Javis Bay. They are available in 2 different lay ups. The first is a Std Construction – Polyester Resin System, Carbon Kevlar Hull , GRP Deck, Custom deck colour ( 2 colours ) / Hull white, or the SLITE Carbon Kevlar Construction – Full Carbon Kevlar construction hull and deck, Custom deck colour ( 2 colours ) / Hull white. The Proton I have on display is the full carbon kevlar constructed hull and deck and is very well made and finished. You can call into Kayaksnthings and check it out for yourself. The cockpit coaming is glassed and filled in position. The coaming has moulded thigh grip which is fitted with foam padding. It has a very comfortable seat with a Wilderness systems adjustable back rest. The seat also has foam sides which are very comfortable for the paddler’s hips.The adjustable back rest is very handy to get the final adjustment for the paddler to fit the kayak. There are the vertically fixed in foam blocks for added strength and floatation. The shaped foam block footrest fitted straight into the kayak without any adjustment or reshaping. I didn’t even have to adjust my footrest, just tightened up the back rest slightly. All the Mega Surf Kayaks come with 3 fin boxes glassed into position so there is no fear of them leaking or coming out of the kayak. The fins are adjustable or you can decide on how many you use. Although the fin box isn’t that long, it is surprising how much difference the different positions make. Although plastic fins are available, composite fins are recommended.

For more information on the Mega Surf Kayaks, call into Kayaksnthings for a chat.

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