Tips on Fishing Kayak Stability

by Rod

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The Wilderness Systems has two very different fishing Kayaks and depending on what sort of fishing you want to do will dictate which kayak suites you. The Ride 115 is a slightly shorter wider kayak than the other very popular Tarpon 140. The wider a kayak is, the more stable it is. In particular the stability of the Ride 115 makes it easier to stand up on and this has it’s advantages for fishing or hunting. While standing the fisherman has a better angle to see fish and obstructions in the water and standing is a freer position for casting.

The Tarpon 140 on the other hand is not as stable, but because of it’s extra length and shape, it is faster through the water. The fisherman is able to get to that fishing spot faster and with less effort. The video below goes through these differences and also give you some tips on how you can practice your balance and this will give you more confidence while you are out on the water.

Of course as with all the Wilderness System products, these two kayaks the Ride 115 and the Tarpon are available from Kayaksnthings, just give me a call.  0408776405

This video is by Jeff Little and Chris Gorsuch from Wilderness Systems.

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