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Kayaksnthings has become a retailer for the Yak range of kayaking equipment. Yak covers a large variety of PFDs, but they also provide paddle jackets, weather jackets, cold weather jackets, paddle pants, Spray decks, cockpit covers, paddle travel bags, open palm mitts, neoprene paddle mitts, throw bags, harness belts, cowtails, karabinars, paddle floats, kayak air bags, helmets and drysuits. The Yak brand is manufactured by parent company Survitecgroup.

Survitec Group is a global business supplying best-in-class products and services to customers from the marine, offshore, defense and aviation industries. Survitec Group is a huge company and through their various subsidiaries covers lot of areas through lifecrafts, lifejackets, Immersion and survival suits, submarine escape and rescue, pilot flight equipment, Lifeboats and davits, fire protection, rescue and recovery equipment. If you want to know more about Suritec Group follow this link.

Kayaksnthings has just recieved our first range of PFDs or if you like Buoyancy aids. Kayaksnthings has started with the full range of sizes in the basic PFD called the Blaze in red. The sizes include junior, S/M, M/L, XL, XXL. I tried the XXL on and it is huge so I should be able to have a PFD to suite anyone in stock. The Blaze is really affordable at only $ 84.95. They look comfortable with easy access through a front opening zip. Elastic expandable sides with a small inside pocket, adjustable chest strap and shoulder straps. I have also a couple Blaze in Blue.

Generally the new paddlers want to buy the cheapest PFD so that is why I have these Yak Blaze PFDs. They are a quality product with the obvious Australian Standards Safety requirements and at a affordable price. If you want more in a Yak PFD I can order those in for you from their extensive catalogue. These include white water, river guides, touring, to the full on expedition PFD with heaps of pockets including hydration pouch you could need.

High Back Fishing Buoyancy Aid.
One of the Yak’s most interesting PFD and unique to Yak is their High Back Fishing PFD. It has been pacifically designed with the Sit on top fishing kayaker in mind. What they have done is designed the back of the PFD so there is no buoyancy foam between the paddler’s back and the back rest of the seat. This gives the sit on top paddler a much better sitting position. Where the paddler would normally rest against the back rest is a breathable mesh which will stop the paddlers back from sweating and create air flow around the abdomen.
Main features include:

  • 50N Buoyancy aid compliant with ISO 12402-5 for all sizes
  • Heavy Duty outer cover, great for durability
  • Raised back buoyancy placement to fit comfortably with high back rests
  • Body hugging side cinch straps
  • Shoulder adjustments
  • Large low profile pocket
  • Organizer front pocket for additional safety equipment
  • Scupted 3D lightweight foam ensures maximum comfort.

Remember most PFDs or Buoyancy aids are designed for water skiing or other boating activities, not for siting in a kayak. Those PFDs sit too high and either choke you or restrict your arm movement, call into Kayaksnthings and we will fit you with the PFD designed for the type of kayaking you want to do. Call 0408776405.


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