AT Search Angler

by Rod

Search Angler Paddle

This is my pick of the Adventure Technology Paddler Angler series of paddlers reaching a great compromise between strength, usability and price. It is designed for the high angle paddler, the Search Angler features fiberglass reinforced Nylon blades and a carbon blend straight shaft decked out with the same fishing pacific graphics and features introduced across the entire Angler series. The blade is designed with less dihedral for added power and control – an ideal paddle for the heavier sit-on-top fishing kayaks or well conditioned paddlers looking to paddle to harder to reach fishing spots and fish all day.


Line retrieval nich in the blade

The Angler series of AT Paddles boast features and blade versatility designed specifically for the kayak angler. Especially functional with the wider fishing kayaks and height adjustable seating systems, their everything a kayak angler needs to the bite faster and more efficiently.

As pictured above the left hand blade features a nich which enables the angler to grab their line and assist in un-snagging a hook or retrieving a lure.

20160815_143528Adjustable Ferrule System

Also featured on this paddle is the Quick and easy adjustable ferrule system which gives the paddler infinite feathering angle adjustment and also gives you up to a 10 cm adjustment on the length of the paddle. For example the 230cm paddle I currently have in stock can be extended to 240cms. The low weight ferrule system is compact and efficient to reduce the overall weight of the paddle. The maintenance is also hassle free just needing a pull apart at the end of your fishing session and a rinse off in fresh water.


Fish Measure ready at hand

Also featured on the Angler series paddles is a fish measure imprinted on the shaft itself so you always have a fish measure on hand to check your legal limit.

20160815_143650Great Fish Graphic

A great fish graphic to impress your fishing buddies.

Features of this paddle

  • Length – 230
  • Ferrule – Unlimited feathering. adjustable length 0 – 10cms
  • Weight – 36.5oz or 1035g
  • Shaft – Carbon blend
  • Blade – Fiberglass reinforced nylon: 605cm sq.
  • Price – $ 289.00

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