From Victor Creek to Rabbit Island

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 saw a small group of sea kayakers meeting at Victor Creek boat ramp near Seaforth. To find the boat you follow the road through Seaforth, past the bowls club about 3 kilometers till you come to the end. We ended up with 6 paddlers Eric and Pam in their double, Josh (a new paddler to our group), Micheal, Darryl and Myself.

Sea kayak paddle to Rabbit IslandClick on the map for a larger view

A beautiful sunny morning with only a hint of a breeze. Conditions were great. After the introductions were done we were off on our paddle. The group had drifted about 50 meters apart will we were paddling across and Pam, Eric and Micheal came back paddling quite quickly to join back up with us. They were sure they had spotted a 3 meter crocodile and felt they would feel much safer in a bigger group. We are always on the look out for crocodiles in and around creeks but that was the first time as a group we had spotted one.

Sitting in the still water near Rabbit IslandDarryl, Pam, Eric and Micheal sitting near Rabbit Island Camping area

We continued up between Inner Newry and Rabbit Island to a beach on the northern end of Rabbit Island. It is a beautiful sandy beach, looking out we could see Keswick, Scawfell, Brampton, the Smith Group of Islands and Shaw Island to the north. We sat for awhile underneath the trees admiring the view. We spoke about our last paddle out to Rabbit Island where I broke Eric’s paddle and had to discontinue the trip. Here is a link. We also spoke about a group of Islands to the north called the Brothers Group. The Brothers Group is a group of Islands includes Inner & Outer High Islands, Pigeon, Cave and another un-named Island. We could have paddled onto these islands, but we would have needed another three hours to go around them. They are more easily reached from St. Helens Beach which I have done on a previous trip.

Croaker Rock norht of Rabbit IslandJosh rounding Croak Island

We continued our paddle around the northern end of the island to a small rocky island called Croaker Rock, then back along the outside of Rabbit Island and in between Inner and Outer Newry Islands. We avoid paddling along the inside of Rabbit Island for fear of running into another crocodile. On the mainland side of Rabbit Island is a large inlet full of mangroves, an ideal place for crocodiles. These sort of places are advisable to avoid.

Rod sitting off Newry IslandRod sitting off Newry Island

One thing to be awear of at Victor Creek is the tide. You are able to paddle in and out of the creek at any tide height. At high tide you can paddle straight across the sand bars. At low tide you have to weave through the creek channel which can add an extra kilometer onto your paddling distance. On our way back into the boat ramp we had left our return too late and the out going tide had exposed the sand bars. We had to make a detour back around into the creek channel. It is interesting in the shallow water, chacing sea turtles and stingrays. After arriving back it was time to wash the kayaks off and go home. There are taps available to use the wash off kayaks and boats. There is also a toilet block in the parking area for the boat ramp.

Victor Creek Boat Ramp and Car ParkWashing off the kayaks at the Victor Creek Boat Ramp

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